Volunteer Hours Policy:

As a volunteer run organization, JIYSC relies on the support of parents to maintain the quality of the experience for our children and control costs that would be associated with hiring out these services otherwise.  We are the only soccer club in Charleston that owns its own fields. While this gives us tremendous freedom that many other clubs do not have, we also do not have paid “staff” to maintain our fields and run our programs.  As such, we ask that parents volunteer their time to help with various club-related tasks such as maintenance, operating the concession stand, cleaning duties, tournament preparation, fundraisers or other activities related to maintain and operating our facility.

Over the years JIYSC each family was required to complete 4 hours of volunteer time or pay a $250 waiver per season. There have sometimes been obstacles both for families to complete these hours and for the club to account for them in a way that is not cumbersome. In the past we had temporarily suspended the hours and did a trial run with no hours required. Our hope was that parents would fill the advertised needs without the mandatory factor. Unfortunately, this experiment caused a small number of parents to do a majority of the work.

Beginning in 2019 we will again have volunteer hours. We have revised the requirement to 4 hours per family or a $250 waiver. We believe that even for busy families, this is a very manageable commitment. If hours are not completed by the end of the season, an assessment of $250 will be sent and payment will need to be received before enrolling your child for a subsequent season.

If you are a coach, team manager or board member, your hours are done.  Again, please remember that this is a per FAMILY, not a per child requirement.

As always, thank you for your support of our club and youth soccer.   To find out more or to offer assistance, please Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@jiysc.org for available opportunities.