Tryout FAQ

Do players need to tryout for the academy?


Yes, every single player who is looking to play for JIYSC in our Academy Program in the 2019-2020 season will have to sign up for tryouts.

Try-out uniform


The tryout fee will cover the cost of the tryout t-shirt and three evaluations by the club.

Can the current team my child is on remain the same?


No, each year tryouts determine what teams will look like. Having pre-determined teams undermine the try-out process.

My child was on the Red team for the 2019-2020 season, does that mean they are guaranteed to be on this team again for the 2020-2021 season?


No, players will have to try-out for roster spots on teams. This is to ensure fairness to all try-out attendees.

Does my child have to attend all tryout dates for his/her age-group?


The club strongly recommends that players attend as many tryout dates as possible. This allows for us to provide more informed decisions regarding player placement and team formation. Should you be unable to attend both but would like to, please reach out to and we will arrange for you to attend a tryout date for a separate age-group.

I am looking for my child to play “up” an age-group, is this possible?


The club wishes to clarify exactly what will constitute players being eligible to play up a year, e.g. a 2003 birth date player trying out for a 2002 team. The club will assess each player on a case by-case basis. The decision to move a player up an age-group will be solely a soccer decision. That is to say, players playing up due to non-soccer related reasons is not something the club is looking to advocate. In order to play up a player must exhibit an exceptional skill set in order for the club to grant this. We are looking for our teams to be as strong as possible and for players to be placed in the appropriate environment. The decision for a player to play up be at the club’s discretion and must rank in the top five players of the age group they are trying out for, that is a club policy.

Will there be a team in each age-group?


The club cannot guarantee teams will form in each age-group. Our desire is to have as many teams as possible, however, teams will be formed based on soccer decisions and some age-groups may not form teams.

The Red team has place on it’s roster but there is no Black team in the club. My child did not make the Red team but can he/she be placed on it since there is no Black team forming?


The club cannot guarantee roster availability to players on Academy teams. JIYSC is committed to provide soccer to players of all levels at the club but academy teams will be formed based on the appropriateness of skill level which is at the discretion of the club. If a player has not been placed on a Academy team, we will do our best to provide alternate options at JIYSC.