JIYSC Micro Soccer Program

Start Date: September 8th, 2020
End Date: October 31st, 2020
The 5th Annual Fall Jamboree event will take place on 10/31.

Age-groups (birth year):
2017 (U4) + 2016 (U5)
2015 (U6), 2014 (U7) + 2013 (U8)

Fall 2020

We delighted to announce the details of the upcoming Fall 2020 Micro Season. The season will commence 9/8/2020 with practices taking place each Tuesday and Thursday. The 5th Annual Fall Jamboree event will take place on the 10/31/2020.

The Micro Soccer program provides educational and developmental training for our youngest players born between 2017–2013. The rules for micro-soccer emphasize basic skills while having lots of fun. Micro Soccer is broken up into two age-groups. Teams are formed on a co-ed basis and will practice and play under this format.

The teams will be split up into two leagues (U4-U5 & U6-U8) to aid and improve the development of our players. With the new structure, the games will become more competitive and it will allow the coaches to focus even more on developing the player with specific age-appropriate drills.


The age-groups are based on US Youth Soccer guidelines and as a club, we believe following these we will be able to offer a beneficial development program for the players. The concept behind micro-soccer is to allow more touches on the ball by having small teams playing on small fields. The practice is led by professional JIYSC coaches alongside volunteer Micro Team Coaches. The sessions are designed to expose kids to the basic fundamentals of the game of soccer while promoting a “fun-first” atmosphere based on JIYSC curriculum.

Fee: $100
This fee includes a total of 16 practices led by professional JIYSC staff, a minimum of 8 games and participation in the Soccerween event. The fee also includes a practice jersey.