Charleston Soccer Alliance

Charleston Soccer Club, James Island Youth Soccer Club and FC Charleston are excited to announce the formation of the Charleston Soccer Alliance. The three youth clubs will partner on soccer initiatives to enhance the overall experience for players, coaches and families. The alliance will have an impact on players at every age, from entering the game at Sweet Feet (Mt. Pleasant, James Island and Summerville) all the way through to programming options at the U19 level. 

The clubs will share best practices as it pertains to the training and game day environment by collaborating on curriculum development plans as well as monthly coaching education sessions. At the Junior Academy level, the clubs will host combined training sessions each month to further integrate players and coaches from each of the three clubs in a fun Skills-Fit-Play format along with running festival type jamborees in both the fall and spring seasons. This will allow kids from all over the Charleston area to come together, while also allowing coaches and staff from all three clubs to engage collectively to enhance the “soccer in our community” aspect. 

At the U13-U19 age groups the clubs will align to support boys and girls programming at the elite levels by making a clear pathway available to all players within the Charleston Soccer Alliance. This means that when players begin playing for one of the clubs at the Junior Academy level they can stay within that system through their entire youth soccer career and have access to top coaching and top leagues all housed within the alliance.  

The Charleston Soccer Alliance looks forward to enhancing the youth soccer experience in Charleston and collaborating with others that share the same vision, passion and commitment.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Charleston Soccer Alliance and to join other like-minded organizations in helping to create a better soccer experience for kids in Charleston.  I truly believe that we (the Clubs) can do so much more together than we can do on our own to grow the game and to bring soccer back to the community. I think this is the beginning of something really special for everyone involved and can’t wait to get on the field together!” 

Christian Michner, CEO; Charleston Soccer Club

“James Island Youth Soccer Club is thrilled to be a part of the Charleston Soccer Alliance. We look forward to working alongside Charleston Soccer Club and FC Charleston,  bringing kids together with a common goal of improving the development of all players throughout the LowCountry. This collaboration strives to benefit the very youngest players all the way to the top elite level players, giving kids of all skill levels more opportunities to achieve their potential. Giving back and contributing to the common good of the local community will also be a priority of the alliance.”

Rowdy Floyd, President; James Island Youth Soccer Club

“The Staff at FC Charleston is extremely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Charleston Soccer Club and James Island Youth Soccer Club in an effort to enhance the soccer experience for players in the LowCountry.  We are committed to providing quality coaching, safe playing facilities and multiple programs for players of all levels and abilities.  We look forward to working with the staff at CSC and JIYSC to reach our goal of unifying soccer in the Charleston Area.”

TJ Rostin, President; FC Charleston

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